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When you come into our showroom on West Broad Street, you’ll get a first-hand look at what our designers can do in your kitchen. After sharing your dream kitchen with us, one of our designers will get to work making that dream come true.

We are the cabinet makers and we work and dream in wood. Designing custom cabinetry is highly personal and each piece is original and reflective of the distinctive taste and requirements of its owners. We have come to discover and what we instill in all of our employees is that our customers know what they want even if they cannot articulate it into color or materials. We see opportunities in every design. That being said nobody likes to give up something and get something of less value in return. Dreams can only become real if they are attainable after all! We’ve embraced lean manufacturing techniques to eliminate non-value-added activities and eliminate unnecessary costs.

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  • 7492 West Broad St,
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